Apple unveils Connected Cards in the UK with the launch of iOS 17.

After weeks of beta testing, the United Kingdom becomes the first country to officially embrace Connected Cards.

The feature integrates regular bank accounts into Apple Wallet using the Open Banking API.

Barclays, Lloyds, and HSBC participated in the initial trial, showcasing transactions, current balance, and essential account information.

Connected Cards enables users to link one or more cards to specific accounts in British banks.

The United States anticipates a similar system, but regulatory processes await the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's equivalent to Open Banking API.

Apple's website references the service in American Terms and Conditions related to the United Kingdom

This implies Apple is prepared for the US launch, awaiting regulatory approval.

The service in the US is contingent on regulators allowing the integration of Connected Cards through the Open Banking API.

Despite Apple's readiness, the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs to progress before the service becomes available in America.

Connected Cards marks a significant step towards seamless integration of banking services into the Apple ecosystem, providing users with easy access to financial information.