Experience: With a solid background spanning 5 to 9 years, our Cloud Architect brings extensive expertise to the table.

Location: Based in Bengaluru, this professional has been honing their skills in the heart of India's tech hub.

Expertise: Armed with a wealth of knowledge, their compensation remains undisclosed, a testament to the value they bring.

Cloud Mastery: Over 5 years, they've meticulously designed and executed large-scale enterprise-class cloud software, leveraging cloud principles and architectural patterns.

Azure Proficiency: With 4 years of hands-on experience, our architect is well-versed in Azure IaaS and PaaS services, including App Service, Service Bus, Event Hub, and more.

Technological Visionary: A true technologist, their expertise extends beyond Azure, encompassing other public, private, and hybrid cloud architecture domains.

Infrastructure Wizard: Possessing robust foundational skills, they excel in the design principles and patterns of distributed systems in both private and public clouds.

Modern Architect: Proficient in modern software architecture, scalability, and reliability, with a deep understanding of RESTful APIs and their application in the cloud.

Strategic Enhancement: Not just a designer, but a strategist - experienced in evaluating existing application designs and recommending enhancements to leverage cloud technology.

Agile Advocate: Their work aligns with modern delivery methodologies, including Agile and CI/CD, and they communicate with finesse, making them an invaluable part of our Engineering team.