Model: Bajaj Chetak, available in 2 variants and 7 colors.

Price: Priced at ₹1,30,581, it's considered on the higher side.

Range: Offers a riding range of 90 km on a single charge.

Top Speed: Capable of reaching a top speed of 63 kmph.

Charging Time: Takes 5 hours to charge fully.

Battery Performance: Offers a tested range of 108 km on a full charge.

Modern Instrument Cluster: The scooter boasts a modern instrument cluster.

Build Quality: The build quality is impressive, ensuring durability.

Rated Power: Equipped with a powerful 3,800 W motor.

Max Power: Capable of delivering a max power of 4,080 W.

Rear Brake: Features a reliable drum rear brake.

Underseat Space: However, underseat storage space is considered inadequate.

Top Speed Limitation: Some riders may find the top speed of 63 kmph insufficient.

Eco-Friendly: Being an electric scooter, the Chetak is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Easy Charging: With a 5-hour charging time, it's convenient for daily use.

A Premium Ride: The Bajaj Chetak combines style, performance, and eco-consciousness, but it comes at a price.