"Ram Setu," a 2022 action-adventure film, directed by Abhishek Sharma, stars Akshay Kumar and follows an archaeologist investigating the nature of the bridge.

Principal photography began in Mumbai in March 2021, with setbacks due to COVID-19; filming took place in Ooty, Gujarat, Maldives, Daman and Diu, and Mumbai.

Released on Diwali in 2022, the film received negative reviews, grossing ₹93 crore worldwide, falling short of its ₹110 crore budget.

Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha, an ASI archaeologist, is a skeptic investigating Ram Setu; his life takes a turn when asked to prove it's a natural formation for a canal project.

Facing hostility for his court report, Aryan accepts an offer from a businessman to demolish Ram Setu but later decides to uncover the truth.

Joined by scientists, Aryan discovers evidence that Ram Setu is man-made and could be built by Rama, but their lives are endangered.

Rescued by Anjaneyan Pushpakumaran 'AP' in Sri Lanka, the team faces challenges, loses a member, and continues to gather evidence of Rama's existence.

With AP presumed dead, Aryan stops the canal's construction, proving in court that Rama Setu is man-made and validating the Ramayana's historicity.

Aryan discovers AP's diary with "Jai Shri Ram" and realizes AP is Lord Hanuman in disguise, hinting at immortality and a deeper purpose.

The revelation implies that AP orchestrated events to uncover evidence for Ram Setu's existence while keeping his divine identity concealed.