In a surprising twist, Apple succumbs to pressure, revealing plans to introduce RCS to iPhones by 2024.

Across the Atlantic, Europeans scratch their heads at the color-coding obsession of US chat bubbles; blue is king, green is scorned – or something like that?

Unfazed by the European indifference, Apple's groundbreaking move to embrace RCS on iOS is finally announced.

RCS, the iMessage-like SMS standard, will join the Apple family, but iMessage loyalists need not worry, as the iconic green bubbles aren't going anywhere.

Apple spills the beans to 9to5Mac, hinting that RCS integration won't alter the sacred green hue of non-iMessage texts.

An Apple spokesperson clarifies, "RCS will complement iMessage, not replace it, offering improved interoperability compared to SMS or MMS."

2024 promises a messaging revolution for iPhone and Android users, as RCS brings iMessage features like read receipts and typing indicators to cross-platform conversations.

Despite the messaging utopia RCS brings, the color-coding saga persists – green bubbles for RCS, blue bubbles for iMessage.

Apple asserts its commitment to iMessage's unparalleled security, positioning it as the pinnacle of messaging experiences for Apple aficionados.

RCS vows to bridge the feature gap between iPhones and Androids, promising high-quality media sharing, location sharing, and more.

In a twist of irony, the much-anticipated RCS update may leave users feeling like it's all for naught, as the coveted blue bubbles remain elusive.

Enter "Nothing Chats," a quirky Android venture by Nothing, promising the only way for Android users to grace iPhones with coveted blue bubbles in their recently unveiled messaging feature.