Introducing the Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650, priced at Rs. 3.61 - 3.91 Lakh.

Powering the ride is a robust 648 cc engine, delivering an impressive 47 PS.

The torque stands strong at 52.3 Nm, ensuring a powerful and dynamic performance.

With a mileage of 25 kmpl, the Super Meteor 650 promises efficiency on the road.

Weighing in at 241 kg, it strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability.

Equipped with double-disc brakes, ensuring responsive and reliable stopping power.

Boasting a premium fit and finish, the Super Meteor 650 exudes quality and style.

Ideal for highway cruising, it offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Featuring modern hardware, this Royal Enfield model is a blend of tradition and innovation.

Additional highlights include an LED headlight and tubeless alloy wheels for a contemporary touch.