Meet Devin, the world’s first AI software engineer, developed by Cognition, a US-based AI lab.

Devin has successfully passed practical engineering interviews at leading AI companies.

Described as a skilled teammate, Devin assists engineers by handling tasks independently or collaboratively.

Devin's capabilities include coding, debugging, problem-solving, and app development from start to finish.

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Devin continually learns and improves its performance.

Devin collaborates proactively with users, providing real-time updates and accepting feedback.

On benchmarks, Devin autonomously resolved 13.86% of issues, outperforming previous models.

Devin accelerates software development by automating tasks, generating code, and streamlining timelines.

Ensuring precision and consistency, Devin eliminates human errors, resulting in high-quality software products.

With advanced planning abilities, Devin executes complex engineering tasks efficiently.