Introducing the Hero Xoom 110, priced between Rs. 71,484 and 79,967, featuring a robust 110.9 cc engine.

Power-packed performance with 8.161 Ps and a torque of 8.70 Nm, ensuring an exhilarating ride.

Fuel-efficient marvel, delivering an impressive mileage of 45 kmpl for those long journeys.

Weighing in at a mere 109 kg, the Xoom 110 boasts a perfect balance of agility and stability.

Equipped with reliable disc brakes, ensuring responsive and secure stopping power.

Unveiling a sporty and sharp aesthetic, the Xoom 110 sets new standards in two-wheeler design.

Nimble handling characteristics make every ride a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Boasting the most powerful engine in its segment, the Xoom 110 redefines performance on the road.

A perfect blend of style and substance, the Xoom 110 captures attention wherever it goes.

Elevate your riding experience with Hero's Xoom 110 – the epitome of power, style, and efficiency.