Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Price Drop: Flipkart offered a massive Rs 25,000 discount on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, bringing the price down to Rs 75,000.

Social Media Frenzy: News spread like wildfire on social media as users discovered the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra available at an unprecedented low price on Flipkart.

Legitimate Offer: Contrary to suspicions, the discount was legitimate and allowed users to purchase the Galaxy S23 Ultra for Rs 75,000, especially for debit and credit card transactions.

Cancellation Chaos: Flipkart is now in the midst of canceling orders, explaining that the pricing was a mistake by the seller, leading to a wave of disappointment among customers.

Discounted Variant: The Rs 25,000 discount applied to the 256GB variant, originally priced at Rs 99,999, making it the lowest ever cost for the Ultra model.

Order Cancellation Screenshots: Screenshots shared on Twitter reveal Flipkart's cancellation notifications, citing the pricing error as the reason for revoking the orders.

Flipkart's Explanation: Flipkart is transparent about the mistake, acknowledging the seller's error in listing the discounted price and expressing regret for the confusion caused.

Compensation Offered: In an attempt to appease affected customers, Flipkart is providing a Rs 2,000 gift card as compensation, and refunds are assured for those who made payments.

Too Good to Be True: The offer, not tied to any major sale event, seemed too good to be true, leading to a rush of orders and subsequent cancellations.

Unusual Price Drop: While the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a year old, such a significant price drop is unprecedented for Samsung's flagship models, adding to the allure and disappointment of the situation.