Google Photos introduces two AI-powered features to enhance library organization.

The 'Photo Stack' feature automatically identifies and groups top-pick photos, reducing clutter.

Users can edit or disable automatically generated stacks for a personalized experience.

The update enhances screenshot and document management using AI categorization.

Google Photos now identifies and groups similar screenshots and document images.

Images are categorized into separate albums, such as receipts, event information, and IDs.

The app adds reminders to the calendar by extracting information from gallery images.

Concert timings and other details are automatically added to the calendar for user convenience.

Users have the option to archive screenshots and documents automatically after 30 days.

Both Photo Stack and screenshot management features are available for Android and iOS.

The AI tools aim to declutter and streamline users' extensive photo libraries effectively.

Google emphasizes user customization, allowing edits and preferences for generated stacks.

The update reflects Google's commitment to improving user experience through innovative AI features.