Affordable Protection: HDFC term insurance offers cost-effective coverage, ensuring the financial well-being of you and your family.

Customizable Plans: Tailor your insurance plan with a choice of 9 different plan options to suit your unique needs.

Waiver of Premiums: Enjoy peace of mind as all future premiums are waived in case of Accidental Total Permanent Disability (available under all options) or upon the diagnosis of Critical Illness (available under 3D Life & 3D Life Long Protection options).

Lifelong Protection: Opt for lifelong protection options to safeguard yourself and your loved ones throughout your life.

Flexible Policy and Premium Terms: Choose the policy and premium payment terms that align with your financial goals and lifestyle.

Life Stage Protection: Benefit from the Life Stage Protection feature, which allows you to increase your insurance cover at key milestones without the need for medical examinations.

Annual Cover Enhancement: Take advantage of the flexibility to boost your coverage each year through the top-up option.

Special Rates for Women: Female policyholders enjoy special premium rates, making it more affordable to secure their financial future.

Preferred Rates for Non-Tobacco Users: If you're a non-tobacco user, you can benefit from attractive premium rates, rewarding a healthy lifestyle.

Tax Benefits: HDFC term insurance offers tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) as per prevailing tax laws, helping you save on taxes while protecting your family's financial future.