Introducing Hop Electric LEO, an eco-friendly e-scooter priced at ₹84,355.

Unleash the power with a riding range of 95 km and a top speed of 25 kmph.

Weighing in at 77 kg, Hop Electric LEO ensures a smooth and lightweight ride.

Charge up the 250 W motor in just 3.30 hours for non-stop adventures.

Comfort meets style with a seat height of 800 mm and a sporty design.

Maximize control with the equipped disc brake for a safer riding experience.

Discover a host of features designed to elevate your riding experience.

Embrace the electric revolution and reduce your carbon footprint with Hop Electric LEO.

Join the future of commuting with this sleek, efficient, and powerful e-scooter.

Hop on, ride green, and enjoy the perfect blend of performance and sustainability.