Introducing Hop Electric OXO: A sleek electric ride at ₹1,61,718.

Unleash the road with a riding range of 140 km on a single charge.

Reach new heights with a top speed of 88 kmph, making every journey thrilling.

Weighing in at 140 kg, the Hop Electric OXO combines power with agility.

Charge up in just 5 hours and get back on the road, thanks to efficient battery charging.

The heart of the ride boasts a rated power of 3000 W, ensuring a smooth and dynamic experience.

Comfort meets style with a seat height of 780 mm, making every ride enjoyable.

Zoom through the city with a top speed of 90 kmph, embracing the thrill of electric mobility.

With a claimed range of 135 km, the Hop Electric OXO ensures you go the extra mile.

Loaded with features, this electric wonder promises a futuristic and eco-friendly ride.