Price: The starting price for the 390 Duke is ₹3,10,528 in India.

Model: KTM 390 Duke is available in only 1 variant.

Engine: It's powered by a robust 398.63cc BS6 engine, offering plenty of performance.

Transmission: Equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission for a thrilling ride.

Kerb Weight: The bike weighs 168.3 kg, making it agile on the road.

Fuel Tank: A generous 15-liter fuel tank capacity ensures fewer stops for refueling.

Seat Height: The rider sits comfortably at 800 mm from the ground.

Max Power: With a maximum power of 45.3 bhp, the 390 Duke means business.

Features: Loaded with top-class features, this bike promises an exhilarating experience.

Aesthetics: Its sleek design and 2 available colors make the 390 Duke quite a head-turner.

Downsides: While it's an exceptional bike, spares can be a bit expensive, and the price is on the higher side.

Pillion Comfort: Keep in mind that it might not be the most comfortable ride for a pillion passenger.

Summary: The KTM 390 Duke is a performance-oriented street bike that's perfect for those who crave power and style, even though it comes with a few trade-offs.