Contact Posters:in this feature you can create poster image for your contact number while them calling 

Swap numbers with NameDrop: NameDrop simplifies contact sharing by allowing users to effortlessly exchange specific contact details by holding their iPhone near another iPhone or Apple Watch.

AirDrop and SharePlay: Apple's AirDrop and SharePlay can seamlessly activate when your iPhone is near another device, offering effortless sharing like NameDrop.

Live Voicemail: Receive live transcriptions and answer calls while callers leave messages, eliminating the need to pick up the phone to know their purpose.

The Unified Apps Menu in Messages consolidates iMessage apps, allowing easy access to frequently sent items with a new plus button.

"Messages' new Check-In feature automatically alerts friends and family when you reach your destination, ideal for frequent travelers sharing their whereabouts."

Enhanced audio messaging includes pause-and-resume recording, 2x playback speed, background listening, and transcription for received messages.

Easily share or request locations within Messages, with live tracking, using the Location app accessible via the plus button, eliminating the need to open Maps.

"Facetime on Apple TV lets you initiate or transfer calls using your iPhone as a camera."

Activate StandBy Option to maximize your iPhone's utility while charging, displaying time and vital notifications when placed on its side.