iVOOMi Jeet X: Affordable at ₹1,00,652, it redefines electric mobility.

Riding Range: Cover up to 115 Km on a single charge, making it perfect for urban commutes.

Top Speed: Reach a maximum speed of 70 Kmph, ensuring swift and efficient travel.

Kerb Weight: Weighing in at 83.5 kg, it strikes a balance between agility and stability.

Battery Charging Time: Quick 5-hour charging ensures you spend more time riding and less time waiting.

Rated Power: With 1800 W of power, experience a responsive and dynamic ride.

Seat Height: Comfortably positioned at 760 mm, making it accessible for riders of various heights.

Neo-Retro Design: Aesthetically pleasing, the Jeet X features a blend of classic and modern design elements.

Removable Batteries: Enjoy the convenience of easily removable batteries for hassle-free charging.

Impressive Range: With a claimed range of 100 km per battery, the iVOOMi Jeet X delivers on efficiency and practicality.