Unleash the future of travel with Kabira Mobility's Intercity Neo, priced at just Rs.67,490.

Embark on journeys with confidence, boasting an impressive range of 110 km per charge.

Empowered by a robust 2.1 KWh battery, ensuring long-lasting and efficient rides.

Cruise through cityscapes at a top speed of 24 km/hr, seamlessly blending speed and safety.

Enjoy peace of mind with a generous 1-year battery warranty, a testament to Kabira's quality.

Experience the thrill of 250 watts of motor power, propelling you forward with ease.

The heart of the Intercity Neo lies in its cutting-edge BLDC motor, guaranteeing a smooth ride.

Redefine your commute with eco-friendly mobility, reducing your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Embrace the convenience of electric travel, leaving behind the constraints of traditional fuel.

Elevate your ride with Kabira Mobility, where innovation meets affordability in the Intercity Neo.