Maruti Ertiga: A versatile family car priced at Rs.8.64 - 13.08 Lakh.

Engine Power: Equipped with a powerful 1462 cc engine delivering 86.63 - 101.64 bhp.

Spacious Seating: Comfortably accommodates 7 passengers.

Transmission Options: Choose between Manual or Automatic for a personalized driving experience.

Fuel Choices: Runs on Petrol or CNG, offering flexibility and fuel efficiency.

Generous Boot Space: With 209 L of storage, perfect for all your family needs.

Family-Friendly: Ideal 7-seater with practical storage solutions for a comfortable journey.

CNG Variant: Opt for the eco-friendly CNG option for a greener commute.

Automatic Facelift: The facelift introduces a 6-speed automatic transmission for smoother rides.

Enhanced Safety: Upgraded with 4-airbags, prioritizing safety for you and your loved ones.