Price Range: The Maruti Fronx is priced between Rs. 7.47 lakh to Rs. 13.14 lakh, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

Fuel Efficiency: It offers impressive mileage, ranging from 20.01 to 28.51 km per liter, ensuring economical long drives.

Engine Options: The Fronx comes with engine options ranging from 998 to 1197 cc, providing choices to suit various preferences.

Fuel Types: It's available in both petrol and CNG variants, catering to those looking for an eco-friendly option.

Transmission Choices: You can opt for either manual or automatic transmission based on your driving preferences.

Seating Capacity: The Fronx comfortably accommodates 5 passengers.

Distinctive Appearance: Despite its Baleno base, the Fronx boasts an SUV appearance that's refreshingly different and appealing.

Feature-Rich: Opt for the top-end variant to enjoy a plethora of new-age features that enhance your driving experience.

Powerful Engines: The Fronx boasts adequately powerful drivetrains, ensuring good drivability on various terrains.

Comfortable Ride: The Fronx provides a comfortable ride experience, effectively smoothing out road irregularities.

Extensive Service Network: Maruti Suzuki's comprehensive and robust service network ensures support and maintenance convenience.

Low-End Torque: The 1-litre powertrain exhibits some turbo lag below 2,500 rpm, which may be a consideration for some drivers.

Roomy SUV: While based on the Baleno, the Fronx could offer more cabin space, and being an SUV, it might benefit from a higher driving position and additional rear headroom.