Introducing the Maruti FRONX: A versatile car with a price range of Rs. 7.46 - 13.13 Lakh.

Power-packed performance with an engine range of 998 cc - 1197 cc.

Experience a dynamic drive with 98.69 bhp, ensuring a thrilling ride.

Spacious interiors with a comfortable seating capacity for 5 passengers.

Conquer the road with a 2WD drive type, perfect for various terrains.

Maximize fuel efficiency with an impressive mileage of 20.01 - 22.89 kmpl.

Choose your fuel preference with options for Petrol or CNG.

The Maruti FRONX: Where style meets functionality for an exceptional driving experience.

Unleash the power within and enjoy a smooth and efficient ride.

Elevate your journey with the Maruti FRONX, setting new standards in performance and design.