1.Change Sound Settings: Tired of adjusting sound settings manually?

Create a routine that automatically optimizes your sound preferences for different activities, like music, calls, or videos.

2.Different Speaker Sound Profile: Customize your audio experience further by setting specific sound profiles for internal and external speakers,

ensuring the perfect audio balance for any scenario.

3.Specific Resolution for Gaming or Watching a Movie: Enhance your gaming or movie-watching experience

by having your Samsung device automatically switch to the ideal screen resolution when you launch your favorite games or streaming apps.

4.Set Driving Mode: Safety first! Use Modes and Routines to activate driving mode,

silencing notifications, and providing hands-free accessibility when you're on the road.

5.Enable Eye Comfort Shield for Selected Apps: Protect your eyes during late-night reading or social media scrolling by creating a routine that activates

the Eye Comfort Shield feature for specific apps, reducing blue light exposure.