Motovolt Kivo 24 priced at Rs. 31,774 - 44,159, featuring a push-button start and paddle assist.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a digital speedometer, the bike boasts a noise level of 63 dB and a range of up to 105 km in pedal-assist mode.

With a quick charging option and a dedicated mobile application, it offers a gradeability of 7 degrees.

The electric bike has a sleek single-seat design, making it a stylish and compact choice for urban commuting.

Dimensions measure at 600mm width, 1800mm length, and 1010mm height, with a lightweight of 23 kg and a robust load capacity of 110 kg.

The removable battery weighs 4.8 kg, contributing to the bike's portability and convenience.

Illumination features include LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signal lamps, ensuring visibility and safety.

Performance-wise, the top speed reaches 25 km/hr, and the claimed range per charge is an impressive 70 km.

Underpinning the bike are a spring-operated front suspension, disc brakes both front and rear, and 2.10-24 size tubeless tyres.

The frame is constructed with steel, providing durability and stability, while the wheels are of spoke type with a diameter of 609.6 mm.

The Motovolt Kivo 24 rides on a set of 2.10-24 tubeless tyres, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

In summary, the Motovolt Kivo 24 offers a blend of style, performance, and convenience, making it an attractive choice in the electric bike market.