Neuralink's Buzz: Neuralink, Elon Musk's brain chip startup, sparks excitement with thousands volunteering for the revolutionary implant.

Tech Revolution: After transforming space and autos, Musk aims to revolutionize neurotech with Neuralink's brain-computer interface.

Mind Control: Neuralink's brain chip, set for human trials, promises control over devices through brain implants.

Human Interest: Thousands express interest in Neuralink's brain implants as the startup gears up for clinical trials.

FDA Approval: Clean chit from the FDA propels Neuralink towards human trials, scheduled to begin in the coming months.

Wireless Connectivity: Neuralink's brain chip reads and wirelessly transfers brain activity to devices, a leap in neurotechnology.

Animal Testing Controversy: Neuralink faces scrutiny for violating the Animal Welfare Act, testing allegedly resulting in 1,500 animal deaths.

FDA Nod for Human Trials: Despite past controversies, Neuralink gets FDA approval for human trials of its brain chips.

Fitbit in Your Skull: Elon Musk describes Neuralink's brain chip as a "Fitbit in your skull," according to Business Insider.

About Neuralink: Operating in neurotechnology, Neuralink develops a brain-computer interface to collect and analyze brain signals.

Author's Insight: Elon Musk's biographer, Ashlee Vance, shares insights after visiting Neuralink's facilities, revealing plans for human trials.

Volunteer Recruitment: Neuralink invites volunteers, particularly those with paralysis, for its human trials beginning in the coming year.