Introducing PURE EV ETrance Neo: A game-changer in the electric two-wheeler market.

Affordable Luxury: Priced at just Rs. 83,999, the ETrance Neo offers an unmatched blend of affordability and performance.

Eco-Friendly Commuting: With a remarkable range of 90-120 km per charge, this electric scooter is a green alternative for your daily commute.

Power-packed Battery: Boasting a 2.5 KWh battery capacity, the ETrance Neo ensures a long-lasting and efficient ride.

Smooth Operator: Reach a top speed of 60 km/hr effortlessly, making every ride a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Efficient Motor: The 2200W BLDC motor powers the ETrance Neo, providing a perfect balance of performance and energy efficiency.

Reliable Braking System: Equipped with disc brakes, this electric scooter ensures reliable and responsive braking for enhanced safety.

Sleek Design: The ETrance Neo not only excels in performance but also captivates with its stylish design, turning heads on every ride.

Urban Mobility Redefined: Embrace the electric revolution as the ETrance Neo redefines urban commuting with its futuristic features.

Future-forward Riding: Join the movement towards sustainable transportation with PURE EV's ETrance Neo, where innovation meets eco-conscious commuting.