Introducing the Aeroride Bravo: A sleek electric ride priced at Rs.1.59 Lakh.

Covering impressive distances, it boasts a range of 90-110 km per charge.

Zoom through the streets with a top speed of 80 km/h - pure electric power!

Worried about battery life? Fear not! Enjoy a 3-year warranty on the Aeroride Bravo's battery.

Experience the force of a 3 kW motor, delivering both efficiency and speed.

Powered by a PMS motor, the Aeroride Bravo ensures a smooth and reliable ride.

Safety is paramount: Double Disc brakes provide the stopping power you need.

Embrace eco-friendly commuting with the Aeroride Bravo's zero-emission journey.

Say goodbye to fuel costs and hello to sustainable transportation at an affordable price.

Ready to embark on a futuristic ride? The Aeroride Bravo awaits, promising a greener, faster, and thrilling journey!