In the realm of electric mobility, the Revolt RV400 stands tall, priced between Rs.1.39 - 1.44 Lakh.

It boasts an impressive charging time of 3 hours to reach 80% capacity, ensuring swift recharges.

With a range spanning from 80 to 150 km per charge, the RV400 offers ample distance coverage for urban commutes.

Equipped with a 3.24 kWh battery capacity, this electric marvel delivers sustainable power on the go.

Despite its robust features, the RV400 maintains a lightweight build at 115 kg, enhancing maneuverability.

Zooming at a top speed of 85 km/hr, it blends performance with eco-consciousness seamlessly.

Buyers can relish the peace of mind with a battery warranty spanning 5 years or 75,000 km, ensuring longevity.

The accompanying charger comes with a solid 2-year warranty, assuring reliability in every charge.

Seamlessly integrate the RV400 into your digital lifestyle with its mobile application, offering features like geo-fencing, charging station locator, calls, messaging, and navigation assist.

Stay informed on battery levels with low battery alerts, ensuring you're never caught off guard during your journeys.