Revolt RV400, priced at Rs. 1.14 - 1.19 Lakh, boasts a range of 150 km per charge.

Weighing just 108 kg, this electric wonder effortlessly conquers city streets with agility.

Zoom through urban landscapes with a top speed of 85 km/hr, embracing the future of mobility.

The mid-drive motor, packing 3000 watts of power, propels the RV400 with remarkable efficiency.

Enjoy peace of mind with a battery warranty covering 5 years or 75,000 km, a testament to durability.

Elevate your ride with the RV400's impressive 220mm ground clearance, rivaling the Hero XPulse 200.

Simplify your charging routine with the convenience of a removable battery, making every charge effortless.

Unleash the potential of the RV400 with an accessible financing scheme, setting it apart in the market.

Redefine your commuting experience with a revolutionary electric vehicle that combines power and style.

Navigate congested streets with ease, as the RV400's lightweight design enhances city manoeuvrability.

Embrace the future of eco-friendly transportation, where innovation meets sustainability.

The Revolt RV400, a symbol of smart mobility, brings a new era of electric biking to your doorstep.