Matter AERA, priced at ₹1,73,999, promises an impressive 125 km riding range.

Charging the battery takes 5 hours, providing convenience for users.

With a max power of 10,000 W, it boasts a robust performance for electric enthusiasts.

Equipped with a disc rear brake and front disc brake, ensuring safety on the road.

The AERA claims to cover 125 km, making it suitable for urban commuting.

Its well-balanced proportions and sleek design add to its appeal.

Featuring a four-speed gearbox, enhancing the rider's control and experience.

Despite its promising features, the AERA comes with a slightly high price tag.

The charging time of 5 hours might be a drawback for those seeking quick turnarounds.

Matter AERA's premium cost may limit its accessibility in the market.

For riders prioritizing efficiency, the 125 km range stands out as a notable advantage.

The AERA addresses urban mobility needs with its impressive specifications.

A sleek electric option, but potential buyers need to weigh the cost against its features.