Samsung pioneers 2.3D semiconductor packaging for AI chips, challenging Intel and TSMC.

Samsung's breakthrough 2.3D tech for high-performance semiconductors, particularly AI chips.

Ready for mass production, Samsung's 2.3D packaging competes with industry giants.

Silicon interposer replaced with a revolutionary 'silicon bridge' in Samsung's tech.

Silicon bridge strategically inserted into essential areas, optimizing semiconductor packaging.

Major companies express interest as Samsung gears up for mass production.

Kim Gu-young, Samsung Electronics AVP, reveals plans for mass production infrastructure by next year.

Samsung's innovation reduces costs by 22% without compromising performance.

Semiconductor chip package with 12 HBMs key to Samsung's cost-effective approach.

Bridge-based method hailed as "2.3D packaging" in the semiconductor industry.

Samsung establishes a vital foothold in the competitive AI semiconductor landscape.

The future of semiconductor technology: Samsung's 2.3D packaging sets a new standard.