Under immense pressure, my team refuses to delete the latest video. We stand firm against any attempt to censor our message.

The whistleblower, targeted after exposing a scam, holds strong with call recordings documenting attempts to alter their statement.

Despite anticipating tough times ahead, I stand resolute, committed to this cause for the betterment of society.

Assured that I'm not alone, I call on all of you to stand united with me in this fight. Are you with me?

Facing legal threats and intimidation, Vivek, you underestimate my resolve. I work not for personal gain but for the greater good.

Your repeated attempts, sending employees to my home, won't deter me. I'm not afraid; I'm committed to the truth.

Those who do wrong should fear, not me. I work for the benefit of all, and I'll continue to do so relentlessly.

Don't mistake my solitude for weakness; the entire YouTube community supports me. All YouTubers, big and small, will expose the truth.