SpaceX secures FAA license for Starship's second-ever liftoff.

FAA approves SpaceX's Starship Super Heavy vehicle launch.

Launch scheduled for Nov. 17 from SpaceX's Starbase in South Texas.

The two-hour window opens at 8 a.m. EST; watch on

Starship aims to make Mars settlement economically feasible.

Starship, with a height of 400 feet, is the largest rocket ever built.

Previous Starship test faced issues, intentionally destroyed over Gulf of Mexico.

SpaceX addresses concerns, installs water-deluge system at Starbase.

FAA completes safety review ahead of the second Starship flight.

Environmental review focuses on water-deluge system impact.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finds no major concerns.

Upcoming test flight targets Super Heavy splashdown and Starship near-orbital velocity.