Price Tag: The Suzuki Access 125 comes with a reasonable price tag, starting at ₹82,201.

Engine Capacity: Equipped with a powerful 124cc engine, it delivers a smooth and swift ride.

Impressive Mileage: The scooter boasts an impressive mileage of 47 kmpl, making it a pocket-friendly choice.

Lightweight Wonder: Weighing just 103 kg, it's easy to maneuver, especially in crowded city streets.

Rider-Friendly: With a comfortable seat height of 773 mm, it suits riders of various heights.

Fuel Efficiency: The scooter's 5-liter fuel tank ensures that you can travel longer distances on a single tank.

Power-Packed: Despite its size, the Access 125 churns out a max power of 8.6 bhp, providing a zippy ride.

Stellar Mileage: It's renowned for its good mileage, saving you money on fuel.

Smooth Ride: The Access 125 offers excellent ride quality, even on bumpy roads.

City Companion: This scooter is perfect for city commuting, thanks to its easy-to-ride nature.

Classic Look: While its design is stylish, some find the instrument cluster a bit old-fashioned.

Missing Features: One drawback is the absence of modern features like an engine idle start-stop system.

The Access 125 has evolved over the years, consistently enhancing its performance, style, and comfort, making it a top choice in the 125cc scooter category.