– The 14th Gen Core series update addresses missing clock information and confirms the absence of a 6-core Core i3 in this generation.

 Most of the lineup will receive a 200 MHz uplift, except for the Core i5-14400, which gets a 100 MHz boost over the 13400.

Non-K models in the Core i9-14900 series are expected to boost up to 5.8 GHz, the highest for 65W models.

 The K-series boasts an impressive 6.0 GHz boost, and a special edition might even reach 6.2 GHz.

One SKU sees a core count upgrade from 16 to 20 cores, making the Core i7-14700 the most significant improvement over the 13th Gen series with 12 Efficient cores.

Rumors of a 6-core Core i3-14100 have been debunked; it will have four cores and boost up to 4.7 GHz with no architecture changes.

Intel plans to launch the 14th Gen Core series in October, with non-K models expected early next year, possibly announced at CES 2024.