Model Name: The Benling Kriti is a cost-effective electric scooter designed for urban commutes.

Affordable Price: With a price tag of ₹56,781, the Kriti offers an economical alternative for daily transportation.

Impressive Riding Range: Despite its affordability, the Kriti boasts a riding range of 60 km on a single charge, making it ideal for short to medium commutes.

Top Speed: The scooter's top speed is capped at 25 kmph, eliminating the need for a driving license.

Battery Charging Time: It takes just 8 hours to fully charge the Kriti, ensuring minimal downtime between rides.

Sustainable Power: The scooter is powered by a 250W electric motor, offering a balance between performance and efficiency.

Drum Rear Brake: The Kriti features a drum rear brake, providing adequate stopping power for safe rides.

Claimed Riding Range: Some sources claim the Kriti's riding range to be as high as 70 km, providing extra value for riders.

Fast Charging: For added convenience, the scooter is equipped with a fast charging option, reducing the charging time significantly.

USB Port: It comes with a built-in USB port, enabling riders to charge their devices on the go.

Limited Top Speed: The top speed of 25 kmph ensures safety and doesn't require a driving license, but it may not be suitable for those looking for faster rides.

Brand Recall: Benling, though offering a budget-friendly option, might suffer from limited brand recall due to its made-in-China origin.

Sales and Service: The Kriti is an attractive choice for city commuters; however, limited sales and service reach could be a drawback for potential customers.