Introducing the TVS NTORQ 125, priced at Rs. 84,636 - 1.05 Lakh, featuring a robust 124.8 cc engine.

Unleash power with 9.38 PS and a torque of 10.5 Nm, ensuring a thrilling ride every time.

Weighing in at 110 kg, this scooter offers a perfect balance of agility and stability on the road.

Equipped with efficient disc brakes and tubeless tyres for enhanced safety and control.

Experience improved fuel efficiency, making your journeys more economical and eco-friendly.

The engine isn't just powerful but also delivers a remarkably smooth performance.

Embrace top-notch features, including advanced connectivity options for a smarter riding experience.

The XT variant stands out with its vibrant color TFT console, adding a touch of sophistication.

Navigate the streets with confidence, thanks to the NTORQ's cutting-edge technology.

Unmatched style meets functionality, making a bold statement on every ride.

Whether cruising or zipping through traffic, the NTORQ promises a delightful and responsive ride.

From city commutes to weekend adventures, this scooter is your ideal companion on the road.

Elevate your riding experience with the TVS NTORQ 125 – where performance meets innovation.