1.Redesigned Start Menu

1.Redesigned Start Menu

Windows 11 introduces a sleek and centered Start Menu. Enjoy quick access to your favorite apps and a clean, minimalist design that enhances productivity.

2. Snap Layouts for Multitasking

Effortlessly multitask with Snap Layouts. Organize and snap multiple windows into predefined layouts, allowing you to work on different tasks simultaneously.

3. Microsoft Store Revamp

Experience a revamped Microsoft Store with a wider range of apps and improved performance. Discover new and exciting software to enhance your Windows 11 experience.

4. Enhanced Gaming Features

Windows 11 takes gaming to the next level. Enjoy superior graphics with DirectStorage technology, Auto HDR, and support for Xbox Game Pass to access a vast library of games.

5. Virtual Desktops

Boost your productivity with Virtual Desktops. Create separate desktops for work, entertainment, or personal use, allowing you to stay organized and switch between tasks seamlessly.