BMW M 1000 RR: A powerhouse on two wheels.

Price Tag: Priced at ₹48,98,086, it's a premium choice for enthusiasts.

Engine Capacity: Equipped with a robust 999 cc engine.

Fuel Efficiency: Delivers an impressive 15.3 kmpl, as per ARAI standards.

Smooth Shifting: Features a 6-speed manual transmission for precision control.

Lightweight Marvel: Weighing in at just 192 kg, it's agile and responsive.

Extended Rides: With a 16.5-liter fuel tank capacity, explore the open road.

Elevated View: Comfortable seating with a seat height of 832 mm.

Versatile Selection: Available in 2 variants and offered in 2 stunning colors.

Thrilling Performance: The 205 bhp motor ensures exhilarating rides.

Cutting-Edge Electronics: Packed with top-spec electronics for enhanced safety and control.

Agile Handling: Experience extreme agility, making every ride a joy.

BMW M 1000 RR, where power, style, and innovation converge for an unforgettable biking experience.