The Suzuki Hayabusa, priced at ₹16,97,283, boasts a powerful 1,340cc engine.

With a remarkable mileage of 18 kmpl as per ARAI standards.

Its 6-speed manual transmission ensures a thrilling riding experience.

Weighing in at 266 kg, the Hayabusa is a well-balanced machine.

Its 20-liter fuel tank capacity allows for longer rides with fewer stops.

The seat height of 800 mm provides a comfortable and commanding riding position.

The 1340cc engine is a marvel of performance and refinement.

Equipped with top-of-the-line electronics for enhanced safety and control.

Priced quite competitively, making it a great value for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Whether you're a speed demon or a touring enthusiast, the Hayabusa has you covered.

It's a legend reborn with a perfect blend of power and precision.

Experience the thrill of the open road with the Suzuki Hayabusa!