Accessing the Mac Emoji Keyboard is easy with a keyboard shortcut: Command + Control + Space.

Alternatively, you can find the Emoji Keyboard within the app's menu bar for quick access.

If you prefer using the Globe Key, press it to toggle between the standard keyboard and emojis.

For a convenient method, access the Emoji Keyboard directly from the Mac's Menu Bar.

To send a smiley, just type a colon and the keyboard will suggest relevant emojis.

Search for emojis by typing keywords or descriptions to find the perfect one.

Frequently used emojis are displayed at the top, making them readily available.

Explore various emoji categories, from smileys and animals to food and flags.

Customize your frequently used emojis for quick and easy access.

Add emojis to your text by double-clicking or dragging them into your message.

The Emoji Keyboard also supports skin tone variations for human emojis.

You're now ready to express yourself with the Mac Emoji Keyboard in various creative ways!