Create stunning AI images effortlessly with Microsoft Copilot or Bing chat, powered by the latest GPT-4 language model from OpenAI.

Develop eye-catching illustrations for your website or social media using Microsoft's advanced AI tools, now available at

Thanks to Microsoft's collaboration with OpenAI, Bing chat utilizes GPT-4 to generate AI images, rivaling the capabilities of Midjourney and Dalle-3.

Enter a detailed prompt on to tailor the AI image to your specifications, whether for a website, social media post, or personal project.

Sign in with your Microsoft account before selecting the creative option among the three conversation styles to begin generating AI images.

Specify your image details in the prompt; for example, if creating an image for a climate change presentation, describe a vast forest with biodiversity.

Copilot generates four image variations based on your prompt; choose the one you prefer, and it opens in full-page mode on Microsoft Image Creator.

Download, share, or customize your generated image further using Microsoft Designer application to suit your specific needs.

If the results aren't perfect, edit your prompt with the desired changes to refine the AI image output.

Experience the efficiency and versatility of Copilot for AI image generation by including keywords like "generate an image..." in your prompt for optimal results. Share your thoughts in the comments after giving it a try!