Price: Starting at Rs. 12.00 Lakh, the Mahindra BE.05 offers an affordable entry into electric coupe-style SUVs.

Launch Date: Tentatively set for 22 Oct 2025, the BE.05 heralds Mahindra's electric future.

Variants: Anticipated prices range from Rs. 12.00 Lakh to Rs. 16.00 Lakh, catering to diverse budgets and preferences.

Family Bond: The BE.05 joins Mahindra's Born Electric family, promising innovation and sustainability.

Under the Hood: Specifics remain undisclosed, but the BE.05 promises formidable performance with its INGLO platform.

Design Flourish: Sleek dimensions of 4,370mm (length), 1,900mm (width), and 1,653mm (height) distinguish the BE.05 on the road.

Stylish Accents: A coupé-style roof, integrated spoiler, and 'The Tech Shield' grille accentuate the BE.05's contemporary aesthetics.

Interior Elegance: Dual displays, a unique steering wheel, and eco-conscious materials define the BE.05's cabin.

Sustainability Focus: Fabric door handles and recycled upholstery underscore Mahindra's commitment to eco-friendly motoring.

Affordable Luxury: With prices ranging from Rs. 12 to 16 lakh, the BE.05 combines elegance with accessibility, redefining electric mobility.