July 21, 1995: Jyoti Basu, then Chief Minister of West Bengal, marked a historic moment by making India's first mobile phone call.

The pioneering call was placed using a Nokia handset, inaugurating Modi Telstra's MobileNet service.

The call originated from Writes' Building in West Bengal and connected to Union Telecom Minister Sukhram at Sanchar Bhaban in New Delhi.

This significant event marked the dawn of mobile telecommunications in India.

Jyoti Basu played a key role in ushering in the era of mobile connectivity in the country.

The call not only bridged the geographical gap but also symbolized technological progress.

Nokia's contribution to this milestone emphasized its role in shaping India's telecom landscape.

The Writes' Building to Sanchar Bhaban call laid the foundation for widespread mobile communication.

Modi Telstra's MobileNet service, introduced on this day, paved the way for future advancements in the telecom sector.

Jyoti Basu's historic mobile phone call remains etched in Indian telecommunications history.