Yamaha launches Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid scooter priced between Rs.79,600 to Rs.92,530.

Powered by a 125cc engine, it delivers 8.2 PS of power and 10.3 Nm of torque.

Boasting an impressive mileage of 68.75 kmpl, it ensures fuel efficiency.

Weighing just 99 kg, the scooter features a disc brake setup for efficient braking.

Family-friendly with its 99kg weight, suitable for riders of all ages.

Offers a variety of color options for a personalized touch.

The scooter's plush ride setup guarantees a comfortable journey.

Equipped with features making it adept at handling bumps on the road.

A blend of performance, style, and comfort in Yamaha's Fascino 125 Fi Hybrid.

Experience a smooth ride with this lightweight and efficient scooter from Yamaha.