Meet the Yamaha MT 15, a sleek streetfighter priced between Rs. 1.68 to 1.74 Lakh.

Its heart beats with a 155cc engine, delivering a potent 18.4 PS of power.

Torque enthusiasts rejoice as it churns out 14.1 Nm, promising thrilling rides.

Efficiency meets excitement with an impressive mileage of 56.87 kmpl.

Weighing just 139 kg, it's nimble on the streets, offering agile handling.

Double disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, keeping you in control.

Experience the difference with inverted forks, enhancing its maneuverability.

Glide through streets with its incredibly smooth and tractable motor.

Critics note slight drawbacks like the fit and finish, urging for improvements.

While the performance shines, some find its price a tad steep for the features offered.