Engine Capacity: Packing a punch with a 155 cc engine, this bike is ready to hit the road with power.

Impressive Mileage: Offering a fuel-efficient ride, it delivers an ARAI-rated mileage of 51.4 kmpl.

Smooth Shifting: The 6-speed manual transmission ensures seamless gear changes for an exhilarating ride.

Lightweight: Weighing in at just 141 kg, it's a lightweight companion for your two-wheeled adventures.

Fuel to Roam: With an 11-liter fuel tank capacity, you can explore more without frequent stops.

Rider-Friendly Height: The seat height at 815 mm ensures a comfortable and accessible riding position.

Stunning Design: The Yamaha R15 V4 boasts a head-turning design that's bound to make you the center of attention.

Tech-Savvy: Equipped with a traction control system and quickshifter, it's a high-tech ride.

Power-Packed: The 155cc engine delivers excellent performance, perfect for the adrenaline junkie in you.

City Challenges: While it excels on the open road, it may not be the most city-friendly bike due to its power.

Premium Price: Quality comes at a cost, and the Yamaha R15 V4 is priced a bit high in the market.

Quality Comes at a Cost: Spares for this beauty can be a little expensive, so be prepared for that.