Yezdi Roadster, priced at ₹2,07,972, boasts a powerful 334 cc engine.

Impressive mileage of 28 kmpl makes it fuel-efficient for your rides.

Equipped with a smooth 6-speed manual transmission for a dynamic experience.

With a kerb weight of 194 kg, it strikes a balance between stability and agility.

A capacious 12.5-litre fuel tank ensures longer journeys without frequent stops.

Comfort is key with a seat height of 790 mm, catering to various rider preferences.

The 300cc engine delivers commendable performance coupled with refinement.

Striking a chord between style and substance, it offers a comfortable ride.

Choose from a plethora of color options to match your personal taste.

Yezdi Roadster, a blend of power and aesthetics for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ideal for riders seeking a responsive 2-wheeler with a touch of classic design.

Experience the thrill of the road with Yezdi's impressive combination of features.