How many types of power stations are used in India

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power plant, electrical power is generated with the help of steam and it basically works on Rankine cycle. so let`s know about how many

1. Steam power plant: 

In these types of Steam is generated in the boiler at high pressure and temperature which rotates the turbine and exhaust steam from turbine is condensed in the condenser, these steam again sent to the boiler turbine is coupled with alternator or generator by which electricity is produced.








However there are many modifications and improvements has been done on rankine cycle to improve thermal efficiency.

These plants are located at a site where fuel transportation facility and water is easy available. The capacity range of these plants are 10 MW to higher.

2. Hydroelectric power plant:

In hydroelectric power plants energy of water is utilized to move the turbines which in turns the electric generator to convert mechanical energy of turbine into electric energy.

The selection of sites are most important for hydraulic power plants. The ideal site is one in which a good system of natural takes with substantial catchment area exists.















Rainfall is the primary source of water and depends upon such factors as temperature, humidity, cloudiness, wind etc. Present India generates about 14% of hydro power out of total power generation from all sources.

3.Gas turbine power plant:

Gas turbine is used in aviation and marine fields because, it is self-contained, light weight No requirement of cooling water and generally fit into overall shape of structure.







The efficiency of a gas turbine is not the criteria for the choice of this plant. It is selected for power generation because of if simplify take of cooking water, quick installation and quick starting.

The main components of gas turbine are compressor, combustion chamber, gas turbine and auxiliaries such as fuel pump, starting motor etc.

4. Diesel power plant:

Diesel power plant is used for generation of small power in between 2 to 50 MW. It is used as back up either for steam or hydraulic power plants and also used by industrial undertakings for small power supplies.









There is some criteria to install these types of plant such as low fuel cost. (limited water supply, foad requirement is low and electric supply is available at high cost.

5. Nuclear power plant: 

In nuclear power plant, nuclear reaction takes place in nuclear reactor by which enormous amount of energy is liberated and by using this energy electricity is generated by converting water into steam.






At present nuclear power plants have bright future because nuclear fuels which are uranium and thorium are available at earth’s crest about 10″ tonnes at a depth of 5 km or so.

A nuclear power plant required high initial cost but has low operating cost compared to conventional power plants.

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