Introducing the Gogoro CrossOver: A sleek and powerful electric bike priced at Rs.1.20 Lakh.

Unleash the freedom with an impressive range of 150 km per charge, perfect for your daily adventures.

Light on weight, heavy on style – the Gogoro CrossOver boasts a mere 126 kg kerb weight.

Experience an electrifying ride with a potent 7000W motor, ensuring a thrilling journey every time.

Safety meets performance with the CrossOver's reliable double disc brakes, providing confident stops.

Stay connected on the go with the futuristic digital console, keeping you informed with ease.

Redefining the electric biking experience, Gogoro CrossOver combines innovation and affordability.

Commute without compromise – the CrossOver's eco-friendly design aligns with your sustainable lifestyle.

Effortlessly navigate the urban jungle, thanks to the nimble and agile handling of this electric wonder.

Embrace the future of two-wheelers with Gogoro CrossOver – where power, style, and efficiency converge.