Introducing the Honda Livo at an affordable ₹78,823, boasting an efficient 109.51 cc engine.

Impressively delivering 60 kmpl mileage, ensuring cost-effective and fuel-efficient rides.

Experience seamless rides with the 4-speed manual transmission of the Honda Livo.

Weighing in at 113 kg, this bike offers a balanced and easy-to-handle riding experience.

A 9-liter fuel tank capacity ensures fewer stops for refueling during your journeys.

Enjoy a comfortable seating position with a seat height of 790 mm on the Honda Livo.

The 110cc engine is renowned for its smooth performance, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Achieve optimal comfort with the 5-step adjustable suspension at the rear of the Honda Livo.

The Honda Livo not only looks stylish but also returns excellent fuel efficiency.

Elevate your riding adventures with the perfect blend of performance and affordability in the Honda Livo.