Meet the Honda Activa 6G: Priced at ₹77,710, it's more than just a scooter—it's an experience!

Powerful Heart: With an engine capacity of 109.51 cc, the Activa 6G packs a punch, delivering 7.73 bhp.

Efficiency Redefined: Cruise with confidence, thanks to an impressive mileage of 47 kmpl, ensuring fewer stops at the pump.

Featherweight Champion: Weighing in at just 106 kg, the Activa 6G is agile, making every ride a breeze.

Fuel for the Journey: Equipped with a 5.3-liter fuel tank, this scooter is built for those long, uninterrupted rides.

Max Out Your Ride: Experience the thrill as you hit a top speed of 85 kmph, embracing the open road with the Activa 6G.

Smooth Operator: The Activa 6G boasts a refined engine, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride every time.

Built to Last: Wrapped in sturdy metal body panels, this scooter is not just stylish but also durable, ready for all adventures.

Service You Can Trust: With a vast service network, Honda ensures you're never far from expert care for your Activa 6G.

Unleash the Freedom: Own the roads with the Honda Activa 6G, where performance meets style for an unforgettable riding experience!